We seek the best way to bring out the intrinsic flavor of seasonal ingredients
– blessings from the seas and mountains – with a spirit of hospitality.
We trust you will have a blissful time enjoying a multitude of delicious dishes and tasty local sake.


Local Delicacies


The very finest of the grouper fish family. This succulent white meat affords excellent texture, a deep umami, and sophisticated flavor. Rich in collagen, the resultant hotpot broth is thick, goes well with vegetables, and the rice gruel at the end is exemplary.

Kumano beef

Kumano beef is a renowned type of Japanese Black cattle, a specialty product in Wakayama prefecture. The marbled meat is tender, and characterized by its excellent flavor.

Ise-Ebi lobster

Wakayama prefecture is noted for the third largest catch of Japanese spiny lobster in Japan. The rough tides result in a mild-tasting yet firm meat with good texture. One of our more exclusive kaiseki courses allows each guest to select how each of the sashimi, simmered, and grilled dishes are prepared and served.

Greetings from the Chef

Our kaiseki cuisine offers fresh seafood from Wakayama prefecture and other local ingredients.

Seasonal dishes are carefully prepared to look as good as they taste.


Kaiseki dinner is available. If meals are requested, please book them with the accommodation plan.


Start the day slowly with a Japanese breakfast. Breakfast includes seafood and vegetables.

Kishu plum porridge

The delicate taste of rice gruel tinged with the slightly acidic flavor of ume (plum) – a Wakayama specialty. Steamed white rice is also available.