Healed by the blue sea and
white sand beach right here.


Direct access to Shirahama beach. 30 seconds on foot!

Guest rooms looking out on beautiful and expansive views of the ocean and sky create an incredible feeling of openness.
Soak up the ambience of the Shirahama spa (hot spring) and kaiseki cuisine that makes the most of the seasonal seafood harvest.


Enjoy the taste of fresh seasonal ingredients – blessings from the surrounding seas and mountains – coupled in a perfect culinary balance.

Guest Room

Shimmering waters, perfect sunsets, and the gentle lapping of the surf. Perfect for relaxation!


A variety of baths – from large public to private reserved – can be enjoyed, such as the “Isobe-no-yu Matsukaze” spa, whose close proximity allows one to take in the comforting sounds of the sea, or the “Chobo-no-yu Shiokaze” spa, which affords an exhilarating vista.



Shiraraso Grand Hotel
868, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama 649-2211

Access from main hubs:

About two and a half hours from Shin-Osaka station to Shirahama station via JR Limited Express “Kuroshio”.

About a one-hour flight from Haneda Airport to Nanki Shirahama Airport.